20 year reunion

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20 year reunion

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Our reunion will be held Aug 3 & 4th.

The 3rd will be at Noahs Canteen, the new restaurant at the base of the gondola.It will more than likely be outside, but if you want to eat/drink, we can do that in and out.
Kids are allowed

The 4th will be a family picnic at the Kellogg park. The pool is open. You can bring your own lunch (We have a Subway, McDonalds, Humdinger, and Yokes and Iga have a great deli. There is also Walmart in Smelterville), and Karen Curry (Johnson) was planning a bbq too.

That night we will meet at Dirty Ernies. There will be a band up there (David Milhollands band) and Ernies will have the parking lot closed off. The kids can hang out there until 6-7, then adults only. Band starts at 9.

I didnt collect any money for this reunion...didnt want to mess with it. Just wanted to make this a time to hang out and catch up. I will have some jars set up for John Spoors kids and a memorial for him as well.

FOr those who didnt graduate with us, but still went to school with us, you all are more than welcome to come and hang out!!
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