Domain Migration & New Projects!

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Domain Migration & New Projects!

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Back in 2007, we created this board and the domain with the goal of a space for Wildcats near and far, old and young, to share memories, tell stories, and document history. This was pre-Facebook.

As you can see by browsing the content of this Board/Forum, with just a handful of KHS Alumni, dozens upon dozens of stories were shared. Some disputed, and eventually settled. It was a great way to stay connected and share.

Even though many WIldcat Alumni are using other options such as Facebook, we feel that this space is ready to make a comeback of sorts, with a few new projects and updates.

1. We have purchased the domain recently, as it feels more inclusive, and broad in idea. I.e. This domain can be the "home" for a myriad of KHS related content. We also wanted something that wasn't dependant of the "Big Tech" companies, as things can change in the blink of an eye.

2. We plan to create a subsite of using "Wiki" software, (similar to Wikipedia) so we can crowdsource the many stories that are out there, vet those stories, and share for all to enjoy and build upon. There are so many wonderful KHS memories, and we want a place for them to be curated and recorded for others to enjoy. That project in in "beta" status and we will share specifics as we get things dialed in.

3. In addition to all of the other KHS historical projects, we have yet another one in the works. Tommy Pouttu, after the death of his father, Raymond Wayno “Pops” Pouttu, expressed a desire to help fund and initiate a KHS Hall of Fame, in honor of his father. We are actively working on designs and plans for this project and hope to email a group of die hard Wildcats, of all eras. We hope to form an informal committee, gather ideas, and eventually devise a framework to honor the KHS Legends of all eras! We will update you of our progress as we go.

All of these new developments are in addition to the amazing work of our team, with Gwen (Ryan) Johnson's Virtual K-Log Project which has been accessed by countless KHS Alumni, and similar projects such as this Forum. We love all things Wildcat, and we plan to keep growing these efforts, to continue to bring all of us together!

Stay tuned!

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